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This week during meditation and relaxation we have been exploring the idea of choosing gratitude wherever you are. Even if your circumstances feel against you at the moment. It’s extremely hard to do if you have a self-entitled mentality or a ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ perspective.

Last year I left a corporate job that was pretty easy to do but the money was great. I didn’t have to worry, no matter what happened, a good amount would be in my account. I was chasing career status and wanted to be “important”. Money + Status was good for me. 

However, this week I have been mindful to focus on being content with who I am as a person and letting my value rest on how I treat and influence others. Not on what my annual salary is, what my job title is or recognition. This is challenging to place your value on intangible things. My goal is to be content in the now whilst still striving to improve myself and achieve goals. It’s a balance of loving yourself where you are yet seeing opportunity for growth.

So, take some time to meditate. This doesn’t have to be sitting up and putting Buddha music on in the background. This can simply be just lying down, allowing your body to be still and find some space to quieten your mind. It is important to do this in the positive. Bring loving and positive thoughts to yourself. Very often we tend to think negatively about ourselves. Put those negative thoughts to one side. Inhale, bringing kindness to yourself and exhale, be proud of who you are. Listen to your what your body is saying. How can you positively impact the world around you? Be the change you want to see in the world yet allowing imperfections to seep through because no one is perfect. Be kind and easy on yourself this week. Take care!



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