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Something I have learnt on my journey recently is that being yourself is important. I am relatively new to the fitness industry and the competition is fierce. I have been covering lots of classes and something participants tend to tell me is that my classes are different. All instructors have different styles of teaching but when I attend a class as a participant I think they are quite similar to mine so when participants say it’s different I worry that this is negative. However, I have decided to take this on as a compliment. In a world where there are thousands and thousands of instructors, if I can stick out of the crowd then surely this is positive and my classes are more memorable.

I’ve been trying to act like current instructors to fit in but surely my fresh perspective and modern training is of benefit to me. Research tends to change. Exercises that were deemed good ten years ago, new research has shown otherwise. Things are always changing. I am very proud of the compliments I’ve received after many of my classes. By compliments, I mean the participants saying how amazing they feel after the class. THAT right there is way I love what I do. Why I come away from classes on a high.

I have found being myself is important. Teaching exercise the way I want to is important. It may be different to other instructors, but I find it is meaningful to teach what I enjoy. I could submit and adjust to teaching more traditional styles but participants can see I am not as invested and present in the class as I am when I am teaching more current exercises. This is still a struggle I face as a young instructor with new ideas and different music. I am trying not to let myself change to what I think people want me to be otherwise I completely miss the point. I teach better, am more enthusiastic and the atmosphere is lighter and fun when my personality shines through. Being yourself also attracts the right audience.

After all I’ve started a company called “Totes Yoga”. I could have gone for something more spiritual and serious but that’s not me. I’m a fun, slightly silly and bubbly person who loves to laugh. I want to make people happy through Yoga, Pilates and Fitness because that is what it’s done for me. I love to share this happiness.

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