The Crow | Totes Yoga

The Crow Pose can also be known as the Crane, The Bird and Bakasana. This pose is classed as an ‘advanced’ yoga pose under the ‘arm balance’ category. Although it’s an arm balance posture, this is definitely an exercise for the core.


  • strengthens the abdominal muscles
  • stretches and strengthens the back
  • opens and stretches the inner thighs
  • strengthens arms, shoulders and wrists
  • helps increase concentration, clearing the mind, brining clarity and space from anxiety

I’ve started putting this pose in my yoga classes recently. I give options to beginners who want to build up to it. I’ve honestly fallen in this position so many times. I collapse in this position often which encourages me to be ok with failure (see earlier blog: Why It’s Important To Fail), embrace patience, relax and try again. It’s important to have a spirit of fun with this pose. It takes a lot of strength in the core and arms so I encourage to have a light-hearted attitude here. Otherwise this pose could become more of a mental block rather than not having the strength to do it. So give it a go, don’t give up, have fun and fly!

Alternatives & tips:

  • Spread your fingers on the mat in front of you
  • Lift your hips as high as possible and keep elbows tucked in
  • Legs come on to the backs of the arms/triceps
  • Keep hips high and begin to bring the weight onto the hands
  • See how you feel with the weight on wrists and maybe lift one toe off the floor and then the other
  • Have fun, keep hips high and go for it!
  • Keep eye gaze slightly in front of hands and don’t be afraid to fall

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Why Being YOU is Important | Totes Yoga

Something I have learnt on my journey recently is that being yourself is important. I am relatively new to the fitness industry and the competition is fierce. I have been covering lots of classes and something participants tend to tell me is that my classes are different. All instructors have different styles of teaching but when I attend a class as a participant I think they are quite similar to mine so when participants say it’s different I worry that this is negative. However, I have decided to take this on as a compliment. In a world where there are thousands and thousands of instructors, if I can stick out of the crowd then surely this is positive and my classes are more memorable.

I’ve been trying to act like current instructors to fit in but surely my fresh perspective and modern training is of benefit to me. Research tends to change. Exercises that were deemed good ten years ago, new research has shown otherwise. Things are always changing. I am very proud of the compliments I’ve received after many of my classes. By compliments, I mean the participants saying how amazing they feel after the class. THAT right there is way I love what I do. Why I come away from classes on a high.

I have found being myself is important. Teaching exercise the way I want to is important. It may be different to other instructors, but I find it is meaningful to teach what I enjoy. I could submit and adjust to teaching more traditional styles but participants can see I am not as invested and present in the class as I am when I am teaching more current exercises. This is still a struggle I face as a young instructor with new ideas and different music. I am trying not to let myself change to what I think people want me to be otherwise I completely miss the point. I teach better, am more enthusiastic and the atmosphere is lighter and fun when my personality shines through. Being yourself also attracts the right audience.

After all I’ve started a company called “Totes Yoga”. I could have gone for something more spiritual and serious but that’s not me. I’m a fun, slightly silly and bubbly person who loves to laugh. I want to make people happy through Yoga, Pilates and Fitness because that is what it’s done for me. I love to share this happiness.

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Warrior One | Totes Yoga

I love Warrior One. I love warrior sequences and we will be delving in to all warrior poses. I don’t just love the physical benefits of warrior one, I also love how it feels. Standing strength is one of my favourite parts of a yoga class.


  • Strengthens and stretches calves, hamstrings, thighs and ankles
  • Opens chest and shoulders as well and the groin and psoas muscle
  • Strengthens the back and the legs
  • Promotes good posture and encourages circulation
  • Focuses on respiration which energises the entire body

I tend to include Warrior One in sun salutation sequences. I love flow yoga; gliding one pose into the next, using our breath to get the most out of yoga postures. Warrior One is mainly about standing strength. This pose engages the whole body and it also feels fantastic. Most yoga classes will include Warrior One and then follow through to Warrior Two and Three. They all sound similar and are easy to sequence together however they all have different purposes. The main purpose for Warrior One is that the hips are faced forward and both feet are in contact with the floor whilst back foot is used as a strong back stop.

Alternative & tips:

  • Ensure front knee is over ankle or behind
  • Back foot is at a 45 degree angle
  • Square hips to the front
  • As you lift your hands, inhale. To exhale, drop the shoulder blades and sink into the hips
  • Squeeze glutes and press fit firmly into floor
  • Feel the energy in the back leg to support you

8 Standing Yoga Poses Sequence - Warrior I

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The Importance Of Rest | Totes Yoga

When you hear “rest”, what do you think of? We all want to achieve our goals and get there as soon as possible. So why waste time on resting? The thing is that rest actually helps us move towards our goals. I used to feel guilty when I wasn’t being proactive. I still do sometimes. But truthfully, our body and brain needs rest.

This may look different person to person. I’m happy turning my brain off and catching up on Netflix as my version of rest. Some days it will look more conventional and I’ll want to take a bubble bath, read a book and take a nap. Resting can be anything that takes you away from your daily work. Not necessarily taking your mind away from your business strategising, but taking yourself away from any stress or negatively that can come from working too hard.

I found that once I’ve taken some time to look after myself, I have a lot more clarity about what I enjoy doing and what projects I want to work on. Rest to reenergise and find more enthusiasm to go after your ideas. We can get so wound up in stress, meetings, schedules, etc., that we completely miss a better route to get closer to our destination.  Rest clears my mind and helps me see things from different perspectives.

If you are an typical gym go-er, you may use or hear the phrase “rest days”; a day of not going to the gym to rest the muscles. Muscles need time to repair from tearing muscles fibres from lifting weights. If you do not take time to repair muscle, this could cause injury. Similar to if you overwork, you could take yourself further away from achieving. Fresh perspective and innovation is magical. Find your version of rest today. Take a step back, relax and just be.

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Cat-Cow Pose | Totes Yoga

The Cat-Cow pose tends to always be used in the warm-up of yoga classes. It’s a good way to introduce spine mobility and used as a preparation pose to lead up to more movement based on spinal extensions and flexions. It is also often used in Pilates classes.

Benefits of Cat-Cow Pose:

  • warms the spine, increasing spinal mobility
  • stretches the chest and arches the back in cow pose
  • rounds the spine and stretches shoulder blades in cat pose
  • improves coordination, balance and posture
  • stimulates the internal organs such as kidneys and adrenal glands
  • relieves stress, helps you focus on calming the breath and mind

I feel like this pose is used in 99% of classes. If you sit a lot during the day, your spine may be a bit rigid or slightly kyphotic if you work at a computer for hours. It is a great pose to bring some more movement to the spine and counteract the lack of movement it may not be receiving during the day. It also makes you more aware of your pelvic tilt and how you stand during the day. Do you tend to lean on one leg more than the other? Perhaps you stand with your knees locked out, placing too much weight on the hips causing posture problems. Most of the population have musculoskeletal imbalances due to the repetitive movements we are doing during our days, weeks and years. Yoga & Pilates brings our bodies into new stretches and shapes to try and increase range of movement and core strength tackling these imbalances.

Alternative & tips:

  • Bring knees directly under hips
  • Spread fingers pressing whole hand on floor directly under shoulders
  • If knees are sensitive, place blanket under knees or fold mat for more support
  • Standing up Cat-Cow: Bend the knees, rest hands on quads, stretch chest and lift head for cow pose and then stuck pelvis and drop chin to chest for cat pose.
  • For yoga, breath in and lift the head, exhale, drop the head. For pilates, the opposite breath cues will be used

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Why It’s Healthy to Fail | Totes Yoga

I would love to be able to do more advanced yoga poses. Not for recognition or status, or for show. Just because I would like my body to be stronger and more flexible. There is never an end destination in yoga. There is always more to explore and grow in. I have been practising a yoga pose for a long time; admittedly, not very often. Simply because I either cannot hold it for long or at all and I don’t like the feeling of not getting where I want to be. But I also have to learn about patience and a lot of repetition of work goes into achieving goals.

Today we live in an instant gratification based society. We can get things so quickly now so when it comes to yoga, it feels weird to see that some poses can take years to achieve. I used to find this frustrating but I’ve learnt to just let go and enjoy the process. One pose I really struggle in and I’m not sure if I have made much progress since I started practising it two and a half years ago. I fell flat on my face then and I also fell flat on my face today. I could choose to be upset by this and give up or continue to try. Then try again and again and again until I one day get there.

Nowadays I find it funny when I fall. I begin to think how I can apply this mindset to my daily life outside of yoga practice. I have found a lot of connection between what I learn in yoga and how it connects to my daily mindset. If we quit our goals the first time it didn’t work, no one would get anything done. It’s important to experiment and trial things. When we look at someone we admire who has been successful we don’t see all the failure they have had to endure to get there. Failure promotes persistence, growth and valuable lessons. In the words of John C Maxwell, “Fail early, fail often and fail forward”. If these words don’t resonate with you, watch this video below because Will Smith is awesome. Alternatively read John C Maxwell’s Best Seller “Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success”.

Child’s Pose | Totes Yoga

Child’s Pose is a great pose to begin yoga and is generally used for restorative purposes. It feels great to lay the forehead down on the floor and really relax, allowing the body to become heavy and just breathe. This pose is very rejuvenating for the body and mind.

The benefits of this pose includes:

  • gently stretches the hips
  • helps you focus on slowing your breath, calming the nervous system
  • improves digestion
  • elongates the lower back
  • helps relieve stress and fatigue, calming the brain

I give participants a lot of freedom in class to explore what is comfortable for their bodies. I give the alignment and safety cues but there is room to explore your body and what feels right. We all have different body types, old injuries and niggles in the body so I feel that giving different adaptions and options in a pose is important during class. I suggest if they want to come to rest at any point in the class to take child’s pose.

Alternatives & tips:

  • option to take the hands to rest alongside the torso, instead of in front
  • if you do take arms in front, allow the elbows to slightly bend, relaxing the shoulders and neck
  • if knees are uncomfortable, double up your mat for more support or place a blanket or pillow under the knees
  • try puppy pose as a alternative to child’s pose

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Being Content Where You Are | Totes Yoga

This week during meditation and relaxation we have been exploring the idea of choosing gratitude wherever you are. Even if your circumstances feel against you at the moment. It’s extremely hard to do if you have a self-entitled mentality or a ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ perspective.

Last year I left a corporate job that was pretty easy to do but the money was great. I didn’t have to worry, no matter what happened, a good amount would be in my account. I was chasing career status and wanted to be “important”. Money + Status was good for me. 

However, this week I have been mindful to focus on being content with who I am as a person and letting my value rest on how I treat and influence others. Not on what my annual salary is, what my job title is or recognition. This is challenging to place your value on intangible things. My goal is to be content in the now whilst still striving to improve myself and achieve goals. It’s a balance of loving yourself where you are yet seeing opportunity for growth.

So, take some time to meditate. This doesn’t have to be sitting up and putting Buddha music on in the background. This can simply be just lying down, allowing your body to be still and find some space to quieten your mind. It is important to do this in the positive. Bring loving and positive thoughts to yourself. Very often we tend to think negatively about ourselves. Put those negative thoughts to one side. Inhale, bringing kindness to yourself and exhale, be proud of who you are. Listen to your what your body is saying. How can you positively impact the world around you? Be the change you want to see in the world yet allowing imperfections to seep through because no one is perfect. Be kind and easy on yourself this week. Take care!



Downward-Facing Dog | Totes Yoga

Have you ever been to a yoga class and not gone into downdog? I don’t think I have. It’s important to have a strong foundation for this posture.

The benefits of this pose includes:

  • Strengthens the arms, legs and core
  • Promotes a long spine, improving posture
  • Stretches the calves, hamstrings, arches, spine, shoulders and arms
  • Increases energy levels
  • Encourages blood circulation
  • Decreases stress and helps calm the mind against anxiety

I remember being in a class years ago and seeing someone doing an amazing downdog. I remember thinking “I want to be able to get my downdog to look like hers”. Whilst it’s easy to go into comparative thoughts during yoga it is not helpful to you. Leave the egos aside and focus on your own practice. It just takes time stretching and strengthen the muscles. You will get there. Also, appreciate where you are now and how amazing your body is. Try not force yourself to get there and skip the journey. Love your body and challenge yourself towards your goals.

Alternatives & Tips

  • Spread your fingers on the mat and press the entire hand down.
  • Tuck the toes into the mat and lift sitting bones to the ceiling. Feet are hip width apart.
  • In downdog we want to find length in the spine, so take a slight bends at the knees. It raises your hips higher and lengthens the back.
  • Breath deeply, bring your hips back. Take weight to the legs, off the shoulders and hands
  • Option to have heels down to the floor or lifted.
  • To challenge yourself, keep shoulder and hips square, inhale and lift one leg to three-legged dog. Exhale and lower. Try the other leg.

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Why Move? The Benefits of Exercise | Totes Yoga

How did I start my fitness journey? I didn’t always like exercise. The idea of going to an exercise class or any planned fitness did not fill me with excitement but dread. Some days the idea of going to the gym still doesn’t appeal to me. Especially in the winter months when I just want to hibernate. It can be so hard to get motivated to go outside in the cold to travel to the gym or a fitness class when you are warm and comfortable at home. So how did I go from not wanting to exercise to now doing it as a job?

In three simple words: yoga at home.

I began to do yoga which I absolutely loved! I found it really hard at first and it took about 3 months to be able to feel the effects physically and mentally. I ended up doing an hour every day for 9 months straight. At that time I didn’t have many commitments so it was easy to find the time to do it. I didn’t have to go out or exercise with others which I understand can seem intimidating when you are new. I found something exercise based that I really enjoyed. Once I found something I enjoyed and my fitness levels improved, I then became curious about other types of exercise and wanted to try more. My family owned a fitness bike, so I started to do half an hour on that every day as well. I gradually picked up on going to other classes and feeling comfortable to go to the gym.

I found my energy levels had improved, I was genuinely happier and healthier. It also motivated me to change my eating habits which contributed to feeling more alive and happy. It improved almost every aspect of my life from sleeping better, to reduced stress and anxiety, improvement in my posture and strength and new-found confidence due to change in my physical appearance and mental outlook on life.

During exercise, chemicals in the body release which makes you feel happy. To read more click on the link below:

Happiness, Exercise & Endorphins

Try lots of different types of activity to find what exercise you enjoy. You will no longer have the dreaded “I’ve paid for a membership, so I should probably go to the gym” feeling as if it is a punishment. Life is short. Move your body, find an activity you like and go from there. Explore, play and enjoy movement.

Browse through this Wikipedia page to help you find something new you may want to try:

List of Sports