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Child’s Pose is a great pose to begin yoga and is generally used for restorative purposes. It feels great to lay the forehead down on the floor and really relax, allowing the body to become heavy and just breathe. This pose is very rejuvenating for the body and mind.

The benefits of this pose includes:

  • gently stretches the hips
  • helps you focus on slowing your breath, calming the nervous system
  • improves digestion
  • elongates the lower back
  • helps relieve stress and fatigue, calming the brain

I give participants a lot of freedom in class to explore what is comfortable for their bodies. I give the alignment and safety cues but there is room to explore your body and what feels right. We all have different body types, old injuries and niggles in the body so I feel that giving different adaptions and options in a pose is important during class. I suggest if they want to come to rest at any point in the class to take child’s pose.

Alternatives & tips:

  • option to take the hands to rest alongside the torso, instead of in front
  • if you do take arms in front, allow the elbows to slightly bend, relaxing the shoulders and neck
  • if knees are uncomfortable, double up your mat for more support or place a blanket or pillow under the knees
  • try puppy pose as a alternative to child’s pose

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