Class Description

BodyBalance: Embrace elements of yoga, tai-chi and pilates. A relaxing class that builds strength and improves flexibility. Move to amazing music and choregraphy created by Les Mills.

Pilates: an amazing way to improve your range of mobility whilst strengthen your core. We go through a series of exercises to offset musculoskeletal imbalances.

Fitness Pilates: A functional movement class combining strength and mobility designed to build core muscles, increase flexibility and improve muscle tone.

POP Pilates: a pilates class like no other. This is a body conditioning, energetic and fun workout to pop music. We strengthen abs, back, glutes, thighs, upper body, obliques with dashes of cardio. Leave no muscle untouched and finally find a fun way to work out using elements of Pilates & Yoga. 

Dynamic Flow Yoga: Also known as ‘Vinyasa Flow’ means “to put something together in a special way”. Connect to your breath and glide from one pose to the next.

Barre Fitness: A combination of ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Barre focuses on high reps of small range movements improving posture, strength and co-ordination to modern music. Gain a lean dancer’s body with this high-intensity, low-impact workout, toning the legs, glutes and core.

Abs: No frills – simple Abdominal workouts to fun music. Using Bodyweight to strengthen our stomach muscles pushing boundaries for stronger stability and endurance.

Total Body: Working through our body leaving no muscle untouched. We will go through sets and repetitions to get the best results for our bodies.

Zenn with Jenn Yoga: Slow things down with gentle hatha yoga whilst focusing on quietening the mind and relaxing the body. Come away feeling calm and centred.

Fitness Yoga: Working on our core strength and holding poses for longer. You will get sweaty in this class, improving muscular strength and stability. Come yoga to upbeat music and come away feeling empowered.

Yin Yoga: This restorative class has amazing affects to calm the nervous system, feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. We stay in poses longer to get the benefit of the stretch with a lot of emphasis on the breath.

Tone & Stretch: A mixture of strength exercises and more restorative yoga stretches. Enjoy the journey of this class between short bursts of strength work and taking a breather.

AquaFit: An effective total body workout where you are immersed in a fun environment and can choose your intensity level in this low impact class in the shallow end of the pool.

Deep AquaFit: Taking place at the deep end of the pool you are suspended by buoyancy belts to improve total body strength and tone.

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