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How did I start my fitness journey? I didn’t always like exercise. The idea of going to an exercise class or any planned fitness did not fill me with excitement but dread. Some days the idea of going to the gym still doesn’t appeal to me. Especially in the winter months when I just want to hibernate. It can be so hard to get motivated to go outside in the cold to travel to the gym or a fitness class when you are warm and comfortable at home. So how did I go from not wanting to exercise to now doing it as a job?

In three simple words: yoga at home.

I began to do yoga which I absolutely loved! I found it really hard at first and it took about 3 months to be able to feel the effects physically and mentally. I ended up doing an hour every day for 9 months straight. At that time I didn’t have many commitments so it was easy to find the time to do it. I didn’t have to go out or exercise with others which I understand can seem intimidating when you are new. I found something exercise based that I really enjoyed. Once I found something I enjoyed and my fitness levels improved, I then became curious about other types of exercise and wanted to try more. My family owned a fitness bike, so I started to do half an hour on that every day as well. I gradually picked up on going to other classes and feeling comfortable to go to the gym.

I found my energy levels had improved, I was genuinely happier and healthier. It also motivated me to change my eating habits which contributed to feeling more alive and happy. It improved almost every aspect of my life from sleeping better, to reduced stress and anxiety, improvement in my posture and strength and new-found confidence due to change in my physical appearance and mental outlook on life.

During exercise, chemicals in the body release which makes you feel happy. To read more click on the link below:

Happiness, Exercise & Endorphins

Try lots of different types of activity to find what exercise you enjoy. You will no longer have the dreaded “I’ve paid for a membership, so I should probably go to the gym” feeling as if it is a punishment. Life is short. Move your body, find an activity you like and go from there. Explore, play and enjoy movement.

Browse through this Wikipedia page to help you find something new you may want to try:

List of Sports

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