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At the beginning of the year my goal was to be more present and enjoy each day as I feel like the days, weeks and months go so quickly. We are living in an era that hasn’t been experience in our generation. Two weeks ago I saw what was coming and was very tearful. Since then I feel that I have adjusted to this new way of living. Whilst I am putting financial and economic worries in the back of my mind, I am still aware of the anguish that the world is suffering from. Let’s try putting all of those negative thoughts away for the moment and have a look objectively at our situation.

For the first time ever we have something we tend not to: time.

You have this time (if you are furloughed or unemployed) to do what you wish. I have been reading blogs from people on lockdown in Italy, Spain & China and they advise to not do much other than rest. I found that interesting as we are a generation where we need to create or build something, work on achieving goals all the time. Perhaps this time we will give ourselves permission to rest and slow down.

10 Self Care Lock Down Ideas

  1. Skincare: No make up! Give your skin time to breathe with no foundation. Enjoy home facials. Bliss.
  2. Haircare: I got into a bad habit of washing my hair everyday. I am now re-training it to once every other day or 3 days. If you want hair extensions they suggest to only wash your hair once a week! Also – keep heat away from your hair. Let it heal & recover.
  3. Learn new dishes: Not confident in the kitchen? Practise some new recipes you have been thinking about. Or try new ingredients and different methods to existing recipes.
  4. SLEEP! This is a big one for me. The first two nights of Quarantine I slept for 12 hours each. I obviously needed it! Time to recuperate and rest mind & body.
  5. Go for a longer walk. Explore the area you live in with new eyes. Appreciate the sun on your face and wind in your hair (weather permitting).
  6. Deep clean: something we all have been avoiding. Nominate a day and stick to it. Clearing your physical space helps clear your mental space.
  7. Watch the boxset you have been thinking about. Or have a movie marathon with your family or housemates.
  8. Drink two litres of water a day.
  9. Learn a new language. I use Duolingo app and do 10 minutes a day.
  10. Do a Totes Yoga Virtual Online video a day! Join us and enjoy what your body can do! We miss you and want to hear from you!

Enjoy Today

We are not in control of much at the moment but you are in control of choosing how to fill your time. Some of us are choosing to draft up new ideas and potential businesses whilst the others are wanting downtime. No one is in the wrong. Whatever you choose, try to Live In The Moment. I want to stick to my New Years goal of enjoying each day even though I’m not working or allowed out of our residential post code.

When tricky times come, allow yourself to experience negative emotions and then we can start to pick ourselves up and keep going. We can’t stay in the past. Whatever you are doing, enjoy today because you won’t have this day again. Look out for others and help them where you can. I believe this experience is making us a selfless, more kind and generous society.

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