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It is the middle of February, which means we are seeing a lot of heart shaped boxes, endless Valentine Day adverts and lots of red! In every shop there is a Valentines section and special meal deals for two. Some people see this time of year as just a way for companies to make money and others see a lot of significance in this special time. Whether you are sharing Valentine’s Day with someone or not, you can still enjoy this time of year. I see the importance of valuing and loving those around you as well as showing love to yourself.

What does it mean to really love yourself?

Will I be more self-absorbed and post lots of selfies on Instagram? No! Loving yourself doesn’t mean to only consider yourself, but it DOES mean to value yourself in the same way you value your friends and family. When I was a teenager I really hated being alone. I really struggled with being by myself and unless someone else was there I felt sad. As I’ve become older, I have really enjoyed being alone and actually need it now if I’ve spent a long time around others. Spending time with yourself is a good way to get to know who you are, what you want out of life and what makes you shine! For me, I found out a large part of it was yoga and exercise (weird, I know!). For you it could be reading, baking, a sport, a charity, a destination, electronics, DIY, drawing and the rest!

Love Yourself Quotes Self-Love Worth

Be in the Now

I would say at the moment, I am the happiest I have ever been. I’ve grown into someone I am proud of, and even though I have flaws and insecurities, I still love my little quirks and ocassional weirdness. I hope that I continue to work on myself and grow, learning new things whilst I enjoy the view. Try to write 10 things you love about yourself and then 10 things you are grateful for. If you’re not there yet, that’s ok too. Take one step at a time and be kind to yourself – this is also a form of loving oneself.

Love Yourself Quotes Self-Love Worth

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