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Welcome to Totes Yoga!

“Yoga” is such a broad subject as there are many different lineages, styles and personal preferences. I like to think of Totes Yoga as Yoga to make you feel empowered and strong yet joyful and happy.

Release your inner warrior!

I get asked why my logo is a tree and branches. “Is it supposed to be about being natural?” or “What else would a yoga company be other than a tree or lotus position?” Well, whilst it does looks yogic-ful there was some thought put behind it.  A tree is made up of the roots, trunk, branches and leaves. Our values are as follows:


We are rooted and grounded in integrity and being open minded to growth and change, seeing every opportunity as a chance to develop oneself. A stable foundation helps us to grow tall and strong and encourage others to grow with us. Having strong roots takes dedication but ensures growth as we are all on a journey of self-discovery.


Branches grow and bend in different directions, similar to how we all have different body types. Be creative with movement and test boundaries. Be bold and brave yet accepting limitations and trusting that your body is uniquely beautiful. Be patient and have perseverance for your goals in an immediate gratification focused society. Progress happens over time.


As the leaves change with the seasons, we adapt to the circumstances that are out of our control. We ebb and flow with the change of life and enjoy every moment with gratitude. Celebrate progress and radiate freedom. Live vibrantly and be kind to those around you. Love yourself and continue to explore.


Be Relaxed, Re-energised and Ready to take on the world!

When I am struggling in a balance pose, I pull my posture up. Why? I have posted one of my favourite yoga quotes below which I hope you will find wisdom in your practice and your personal life.


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