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The Crow Pose can also be known as the Crane, The Bird and Bakasana. This pose is classed as an ‘advanced’ yoga pose under the ‘arm balance’ category. Although it’s an arm balance posture, this is definitely an exercise for the core.


  • strengthens the abdominal muscles
  • stretches and strengthens the back
  • opens and stretches the inner thighs
  • strengthens arms, shoulders and wrists
  • helps increase concentration, clearing the mind, brining clarity and space from anxiety

I’ve started putting this pose in my yoga classes recently. I give options to beginners who want to build up to it. I’ve honestly fallen in this position so many times. I collapse in this position often which encourages me to be ok with failure (see earlier blog: Why It’s Important To Fail), embrace patience, relax and try again. It’s important to have a spirit of fun with this pose. It takes a lot of strength in the core and arms so I encourage to have a light-hearted attitude here. Otherwise this pose could become more of a mental block rather than not having the strength to do it. So give it a go, don’t give up, have fun and fly!

Alternatives & tips:

  • Spread your fingers on the mat in front of you
  • Lift your hips as high as possible and keep elbows tucked in
  • Legs come on to the backs of the arms/triceps
  • Keep hips high and begin to bring the weight onto the hands
  • See how you feel with the weight on wrists and maybe lift one toe off the floor and then the other
  • Have fun, keep hips high and go for it!
  • Keep eye gaze slightly in front of hands and don’t be afraid to fall

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