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When you hear “rest”, what do you think of? We all want to achieve our goals and get there as soon as possible. So why waste time on resting? The thing is that rest actually helps us move towards our goals. I used to feel guilty when I wasn’t being proactive. I still do sometimes. But truthfully, our body and brain needs rest.

This may look different person to person. I’m happy turning my brain off and catching up on Netflix as my version of rest. Some days it will look more conventional and I’ll want to take a bubble bath, read a book and take a nap. Resting can be anything that takes you away from your daily work. Not necessarily taking your mind away from your business strategising, but taking yourself away from any stress or negatively that can come from working too hard.

I found that once I’ve taken some time to look after myself, I have a lot more clarity about what I enjoy doing and what projects I want to work on. Rest to reenergise and find more enthusiasm to go after your ideas. We can get so wound up in stress, meetings, schedules, etc., that we completely miss a better route to get closer to our destination.  Rest clears my mind and helps me see things from different perspectives.

If you are an typical gym go-er, you may use or hear the phrase “rest days”; a day of not going to the gym to rest the muscles. Muscles need time to repair from tearing muscles fibres from lifting weights. If you do not take time to repair muscle, this could cause injury. Similar to if you overwork, you could take yourself further away from achieving. Fresh perspective and innovation is magical. Find your version of rest today. Take a step back, relax and just be.

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