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Do you struggle to get to classes in the week? Or find it hard to fit in time at the gym? This is a struggle for so many of us. We have the intention to workout or stretch but it gets buried in our to-do list’s. And then you have the experts say that even one visit to a class or gym in the week isn’t enough.

Totes Yoga want to make Yoga & Pilates exercises more accessible to people all over the world, not just Sussex (We LOVE Sussex)! Therefore we have created a Virtual Online Studio with free videos from 5 to 20 minute classes. Each video has a particular focus and area to work on.

You may not have the full hour to do a class but whether it’s an hour or 10 minutes it’s so worth it! The hardest thing about fitness is being consistent. The only way to get results is consistency; showing up and doing the work multiple times in the week.┬áSo even if you don’t have an hour, you can scan through videos in our Virtual Online Studio to complete at home or anywhere in the world!

At the moment, our Totes Yoga Virtual Online studio is on a Facebook group here:

I love this facebook group as it is easy to interact with other Totes Yogi’s! The only downside is that I have some people in my classes who aren’t on Facebook and are missing out. Therefore, shortly we will be posting on YouTube to make our videos more accessible for everyone. We hope to be able to bring you better sound and quality videos (something that takes a lot of time and research!).

Make sure you get yourself involved in the group for FREE Yoga & Pilates workouts. Simply follow the link, request to join and enjoy!


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