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I love Warrior One. I love warrior sequences and we will be delving in to all warrior poses. I don’t just love the physical benefits of warrior one, I also love how it feels. Standing strength is one of my favourite parts of a yoga class.


  • Strengthens and stretches calves, hamstrings, thighs and ankles
  • Opens chest and shoulders as well and the groin and psoas muscle
  • Strengthens the back and the legs
  • Promotes good posture and encourages circulation
  • Focuses on respiration which energises the entire body

I tend to include Warrior One in sun salutation sequences. I love flow yoga; gliding one pose into the next, using our breath to get the most out of yoga postures. Warrior One is mainly about standing strength. This pose engages the whole body and it also feels fantastic. Most yoga classes will include Warrior One and then follow through to Warrior Two and Three. They all sound similar and are easy to sequence together however they all have different purposes. The main purpose for Warrior One is that the hips are faced forward and both feet are in contact with the floor whilst back foot is used as a strong back stop.

Alternative & tips:

  • Ensure front knee is over ankle or behind
  • Back foot is at a 45 degree angle
  • Square hips to the front
  • As you lift your hands, inhale. To exhale, drop the shoulder blades and sink into the hips
  • Squeeze glutes and press fit firmly into floor
  • Feel the energy in the back leg to support you

8 Standing Yoga Poses Sequence - Warrior I

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