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Warrior Two is one of my favourite poses. It is a great pose to put into a standing sequence during class. It feels great to open the hips and chest from a standing position. I also find it empowering as it opens the lungs to help us breathe better.

The benefits of this pose:

  • opens the hips, groin, chest and lungs
  • strengthens the legs including the thighs
  • improves respiratory systems and circulation
  • stimulates the inner organs
  • develops balance and helps us feel more grounded

When you start yoga, your Warrior Two will look different as you progress compared to someone who has done yoga for a number of years. How? This position stretches the legs and opens the hips. There is a lot of progress here from a beginners yoga class. The more we stretch (with patience), the more we can delve into the poses and go deeper.

I have beginners look at advanced yogi’s and ask why their pose doesn’t look the same. The simply answer is time with lots of practice! You wouldn’t expect to pick up a tennis racket first time and play like Roger Federer. Don’t get frustrated; just be present and breathe. The muscles will begin to go deeper into poses with time. This is a very energising pose and that’s why it feels so good. I also try to do Warrior Two in my morning classes to get everyone to breathe and seize the day!

Alternatives & Tips:

  • Bend your front knee either behind the ankle or directly over the ankle, but never past the point of ankle
  • Back foot can come to a 90 degree angle, but try to take the toes to face more towards the front of your pose
  • Hands parallel to floor. Take a deep breathe in, find length in your body and as your exhale, relax the shoulders and maybe sink more in the legs.

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