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I would love to be able to do more advanced yoga poses. Not for recognition or status, or for show. Just because I would like my body to be stronger and more flexible. There is never an end destination in yoga. There is always more to explore and grow in. I have been practising a yoga pose for a long time; admittedly, not very often. Simply because I either cannot hold it for long or at all and I don’t like the feeling of not getting where I want to be. But I also have to learn about patience and a lot of repetition of work goes into achieving goals.

Today we live in an instant gratification based society. We can get things so quickly now so when it comes to yoga, it feels weird to see that some poses can take years to achieve. I used to find this frustrating but I’ve learnt to just let go and enjoy the process. One pose I really struggle in and I’m not sure if I have made much progress since I started practising it two and a half years ago. I fell flat on my face then and I also fell flat on my face today. I could choose to be upset by this and give up or continue to try. Then try again and again and again until I one day get there.

Nowadays I find it funny when I fall. I begin to think how I can apply this mindset to my daily life outside of yoga practice. I have found a lot of connection between what I learn in yoga and how it connects to my daily mindset. If we quit our goals the first time it didn’t work, no one would get anything done. It’s important to experiment and trial things. When we look at someone we admire who has been successful we don’t see all the failure they have had to endure to get there. Failure promotes persistence, growth and valuable lessons. In the words of John C Maxwell, “Fail early, fail often and fail forward”. If these words don’t resonate with you, watch this video below because Will Smith is awesome. Alternatively read John C Maxwell’s Best Seller “Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success”.

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