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I’ve been doing some research into what puts the general public off the idea of ‘yoga’ and what pre-conceptions there are. I’ve heard some people having strange experiences in a yoga class and that it’s been too ‘spiritual’. The problem is “yoga” is now such a widely-spread concept, beginners don’t know what to expect! At Totes Yoga, the focus is on fitness and general well-being. There is no chanting, “Om”-ing or spiritual practices. Whilst I have no judgement for certain types of yoga that do this, it’s not for me so I wouldn’t impose it on anyone else.

I read an article that showed cartoon illustrations on how yoga changes you:

Just because you come to a yoga class doesn’t mean you’ll be skipping nights out or be running to the nearest gluten-free smoothie bar. Part of the Totes Yoga mission is to put this stereotype of yoga behind us and head towards more inclusive and less pretentious attitudes. I want classes that everyone at all levels can enjoy. Yoga can be anything you want it to be. I like classes that are fun with a more chatty and jokey atmosphere. It takes the pressure or nerves away.

The beginning and the end of class is about relaxing the body and the mind by chilling out and taking a few deep breaths to find a space for calm and clarity. However these relaxation parts at the end are optional. Some participants like to leave before the relaxation for many reasons and that’s ok. Whilst I encourage people to stay and have some quiet time for themselves, I understand if they want to go after doing the more active parts of the class.

Two of my favourite yoga quotes can be found below which resonates with me:

“Yoga practice is important but not serious. Practice is too important to be serious” – Judith Lasater

“Allow your yoga to be messy, and maybe you’ll be less critical towards yourself off your mat” – Silvia Mordini

So come to one of our classes and I promise to make you feel welcomed, not uncomfortable. Come with an open mind to stretch your body, try some yoga movements and see what you think!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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